Introducing FlexDesk: Reinventing Short-Term Workspace Rentals

Introducing FlexDesk: Reinventing Short-Term Workspace Rentals

Each day, countless workspaces in offices throughout America sit unused. This was the case before COVID-19 and is even truer today due to the pandemic. Landlords, office tenants, and flex workspace patrons need innovative workplace solutions now more than ever.

FlexDesk is here to help. Based in Austin, TX, FlexDesk matches landlords and office tenants who have vacant, furnished workspace with renters who want to use them without a long-term commitment.

Here’s how it works.

Suppliers list their available inventory on the FlexDesk platform, free of charge. Users search for desks and private offices in their area with a variety of available filters, then book the space that suits their needs - for as little as one day.

The model gives landlords freedom to search for long-term tenants while monetizing their current inventory and patrons the flexibility to rent different spaces as their needs change. Think of it as Airbnb for Workspace.

Working from home can be great, but it isn’t always ideal. According to a TechCrunch survey taken recently in June, 81% of workers polled want to make a permanent shift to a hybrid office/remote working arrangement. FlexDesk makes that easy for companies and individual workers.

Check out to learn more about the platform, subscribe for updates, and start putting unused space to work today.